Projectis develops new blockchain and other technology solutions across a range of sectors from finance, the creative industries and academia, to supply chain and climate action, cyber security and construction. We solve our clients' needs with a range of services including consultancy, advocacy, scenario planning and horizon scanning.

We draw on proprietary IP and build technological solutions as well as convene events, and assist with thought leadership projects.

We work with businesses of all sizes and IP agencies. We also advise government and the UK Police on blockchain, and participate in parliamentary debates on the evolution of new technologies. Let us know about your project or issue, and we will examine how we can help you solve it.

Some of our areas of expertise:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Blockchain technology (all areas, including platform development, smart contracts, etc...)
  • Environmental issues
  • IPFS
  • Quantum computing
  • Philosophy of the internet
    • Knowledge classification (alternatives to Frascati's for example)
      • Library systems (alternatives to Dewey's for example)
      • Classification of sciences, internet mapping
      • Standardization and tagging
      • Restructuring

Call or mail our London office, right at the heart of Mayfair, for an initial free consultation to discuss your project and its specificities. We operate on a strictly confidential basis and take the GDPR seriously. 

PROJECTIS conducts its business with respect, fairness, integrity, simplicity and efficiency.