PROJECTIS uses its daily analyzes and a portfolio of innovative technologies to enhance the productivity and revenues of businesses across a range of sectors, ranging from manufacturing and the supply chain to the creative industries, academia or government strategy. We solve our clients' needs with services ranging from consultancy to technology implementation, as well as advocacy, scenario planning and horizon scanning.

We work with businesses of all sizes and advise institutions like Parliament or the UK Police. PROJECTIS also participates regularly in parliamentary debates on the evolution of Blockchain and AI, being a member of both All Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs) in this respect.

The main proprietary and in house developped technologies we use are for the following:

  • Blockchain technology (all areas, with an increased activity in IP protection)
  • IPFS (for a variety of use cases)
  • We also have rare advisory knowledge and often forecast if not visionary suggestions on:

  • AI, including the ethics of AI (see Company News for links to various articles)
  • Cybersecurity (all areas)
  • Quantum computing and technology
  • The philosophy of the internet
  • The philosophy of the metaverse & NFTs
  • Knowledge classification, including:
    • Library systems (a licensable alternative to Dewey's or Frascati's systems for example)
    • Classification of sciences, internet mapping
    • Standardization and tagging
    • Restructuring

Call or mail our London office, situated right at the heart of Mayfair (Green Park Tube station), for an initial consultation to discuss your project and its specificities.

We operate on a strictly confidential basis and take the GDPR seriously. 

Note that PROJECTIS conducts its business with respect, fairness, integrity, simplicity and efficiency. 

PROJECTIS has the interests of its clients at heart and will seek at all time to find the most cost effective solutions, without sacrificing its bespoke standards.