Profound knowledge of technology is not sufficient to bring a project to success. Vision, strategy and analytics are required, and this often comes from solid forecasts founded in behavioural economics and geopolitics. To do this, a deep knowledge of history is vital, as the future is rooted in the past. PROJECTIS combines these rare fields and skills for the benefit of its clients and to contribute bringing society into new eras. It is only when vision and practicality are balanced that a strategy becomes effective. PROJECTIS'approaches are eminently practical and often innovative. PROJECTIS drives greater commercialities through new technologies and innovative solutions, particularly with Blockchain. Working on bespoke basis we help our clients unlock profitability.  

BREAKING NEWS: Dr de Vartavan was, on 13/01/2020, invited by the UK Police to be the keynote speaker for Blockchain at the SIO (Senior Investigating Officers) Masterclass 2020 in Birmingham.