The Vartavan-Frame, originally designed by our CEO, offers a previously unseen philosophy for a classification of knowledge domains (such as scientific and art disciplines). Access to a classification of science is fundamental for the structuring of any research or educative institution, whether used in parts or in whole, for practical applications such as web architecture, search engine, universal knowledge organisation or information-portal design such as internet based. The study is only 25 pages long (no need for more) and classifies slightly over 700 domains of knowledge in science and arts - the longest such list in the world and one regularly updated as new disciplines emerge. In fact PROJECTIS believes it to be the best classification of sciences and arts existing, surpassing by far for example Frascati’s or the extended classification used by the Australian government for patents. This new philosophical frame distinguishes itself from other existing systems by its novel structure which is only disclosed to licensees, its utmost simplicity of understanding and not least its ease of use for knowledge acquisition and administration (input), as well as data access and retrieval (output). It’s numbering system allows subject matters to be infinitely added if necessary as shown in the sample page below. Note that this sample page, unlike many others, does not contain notes. These notes are fundamental for the comprehension and use of the classification.


£ 2500 for small companies or institutions (under 50 employees).

£ 5000 for medium size companies or institutions (between 50 and 250 employees).

£ 10000 for large companies or institutions (250 employees or more, or governmental license).

Take a license to re-organize to re-organize your web platform in a more efficient way, saving you time and money because enhancing research speed and data retrieval.  Contract us if you wish assistance to realize your project. Our fees and services are equally scalable to suit your needs and organization financial capacities. 

Please contact PROJECTIS to take a license. Note that V-LIB is protected by the IP laws of the United Kingdom as well as international copyright. The license acquired is permanent (no time limitation). However it is only valid for the version paid for (currently 1.3/2018). Updates will however be available at a preferential fractional price for existing clients.