Dr Christian de Vartavan is the CEO of PROJECTIS.

He was educated at UCL (BA, M.Sc., Ph.D.). He is regularly booked as a speaker or panellist, or asked to write articles, on the future and impact of new technologies.

Some of his career highlights include:

  • Seeing his book 'Blockchain Impact!' cited during a US Congress session in 2023.
  • "UK Blockchain Influencer 2021" (APPG Blockchain Annual Report - UK Parliament).
  • Advising UK Parliament and UK Police where blockchain and AI are concerned. Including giving the 2020 UK Senior Investigating Officers' Blockchain Masterclass in Birmingham.
  • Global Ambassador of two blockchain technology companies (2017-2020), leading one - PUBLIQ - to win a blockchain showcase UK parliament competition (2019).
  • Director of communication, then Vice President of his family’s international cement technology company.
  • Winning a national scientific award and having his research and discoveries covered by world news, including a top page 1 and back page double spread in The Times. 

Christian is a member of UK Parliament's APPG-Blockchain and APPG-AI, House of Lords.

Christian lives in London and is a Fellow of both the Linnean Society and the Royal Society of Arts (UK). He is also a member of the Royal Society of St George.

Dr de Vartavan as a speaker in the UK Parliament during a session of the APPG Blockchain.