PROJECTIS is a combined systems company providing a holistic approach to business development. Our portfolio of first class technologies, including for Blockchain, AI, cybersecurity or the IPFS, can be combined to enhance the capabilities of your business and provide a rapid ROI. We might also suggest a single technological solution, if we feel it can do the job, saving you time and money. Our primary concern is your success. Contact us so that we may upscale your business to new heights, or integrate our solutions into your new project.

BREAKING NEW: (03.12.2021)!: The FINANCIAL TIMES publishes a letter of Dr. de Vartavan asking a control over the proliferation of AI-driven weapons.

BREAKING NEWS (11.2021)!: Dr. de Vartavan is named "UK Blockchain Influencer 2021" in UK Parliament's APPG Blockchain 2021 report.

NEW BOOK! s Order BLOCKCHAIN IMPACT! From Daimler to the NHS, senior executives of fifteen leading companies using the blockchain technology have contributed to this book under the editorship of Dr. de Vartavan. Blockchain Impact! is the first printed book the content of which is recorded on the blockchain for IP and authors' rights protection.

A world first noticed by the Royal Society of Arts.