PROJECTIS' two core competencies are advisory and innovation.

In advisory, we are on top of our game concerning the latest developments in Blockchain, AI, and other promising technologies, taking considerable time daily scanning, reading, analyzing and reflecting. This is why we are consulted by government, businesses and the press (see cases in Company News). Should you wish to know how these technologies can help your business or your government plans, we can provide advice on fixed hourly rates standard to the industry or consultancy. Our resources are carefully selected from a global portfolio of sources, many little known.

In innovation, we invent new ways to use these technologies - blockchain in particular - with sucessful progress on IP protection. Four blockchain innovations are currently on the slate with one MVP already with our IP specialist solicitors for licensing.

PROJECTIS is also a combined technologies company providing a holistic approach to business development. Our portfolio of technologies and partners, including for Blockchain, AI, cybersecurity or the IPFS, can enhance the capabilities of your business and provide a measurable ROI within surprisingly short time frames. For example, our affordable blockchain plug and play and key in hand business solutions unlock huge productivity gains and savings. Prices start as low as 35K with no limits on scalability.

Get in touch if you need some advice if you are thinking of implementing blockchain into your business, or want to understand more on how new technologies could help you grow.