PROJECTIS specialises in blockchain technology, the IPFS and AI. We constantly develop new unique technology solutions across a range of sectors from finance, the creative industries and academia, to climate action, cyber security and construction. Where the creative industries are concerned, we are well ahead of the game with already a world first for the publishing industry (link below). Built on four decades of experience in science, technology and academia, Projectis advises Parliament and the UK Police, and participates in parliamentary debates on the evolution of new technologies. We’ve helped clients in Europe and the United States, and we’ve collaborated with businesses and institutions from Australia to Canada. In 2018 we represented and led one of our clients (PUBLIQ) to win UK Parliament's blockchain use-cases competition in the media category.

"PROJECTIS builds an appropriate decentralized technology for your business model with an evaluation of the pros and cons in terms of security, performance, and scalability. Our team, based in London and Silicon Valley, (USA) will help you get a first-class customized blockchain architecture providing your company ROI on year 1, and in multiples over years 2 to 3. Some of our clients are among the biggest companies worldwide, do not hesitate to contact us for an initial and free evaluation of your project" Dr. Christian de Vartavan, CEO.

BREAKING NEWS: Order BLOCKCHAIN IMPACT! From Daimler to the NHS, senior executives of fifteen leading companies using the blockchain technology have contributed to this book under the editorship of Dr. de Vartavan. Blockchain Impact! is the first printed book the content of which is recorded on the blockchain for IP and authors' rights protection.